Jewelers Saw Frames & Blades

Jewelers Saw Frames Blades

Our adjustable flat wire steel frame with chrome finish accepts standard scroll, fret or jewelers saw blades of any size. The adjustable frame allows you to extend the life of broken blades. The saws frame can be adjusted from 1" to 5" in length. The depth measures 3". This item is made in England.

Our jewelers saw blades are high quality, plain end blades suitable for cutting all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The blades are 5" long with regular teeth to fit all standard frames. Packed 12 per card.

Blade No.Blade WidthBlade ThicknessTeeth Per Inch
#3/00.019”0.0095” 61
#2/00.020”0.010” 56
#00.022”0.011” 51
#10.024”0.012” 48
#20.028”0.013” 43
#30.030”0.014” 41
#40.031”0.015” 38


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
TL-20105Jewelers Saw Frame$0.00
TL-20205Jewelers Saw Blades, 3/0$0.00
TL-20210Jewelers Saw Blades, 2/0$0.00
TL-20215Jewelers Saw Blades, 0$0.00
TL-20220Jewelers Saw Blades, 1$0.00
TL-20225Jewelers Saw Blades, 2$0.00
TL-20230Jewelers Saw Blades, 3$0.00
TL-20235Jewelers Saw Blades, 4$0.00

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