Cellulose Adhesives

Klucel MF

Klucel MF is not just any cellulose; it's an extremely pure cellulose ether powder. This material is easily dissolved in water to produce a neutral pH, water-soluble, adhesive paste with viscosity of 400 cps at 2%. It can also be used as an effective thickener for many water-based solutions. The "F " in GF stands for food grade, thus denoting a higher purity material.

Klucel MF 4,000-6,500 cps @ 2% solution in water


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AD-21400-0004Klucel MF, 4 oz.$0.00
AD-21400-0008Klucel MF, 8 oz.$0.00
AD-21400-0100Klucel MF, 1 lb.$0.00
AD-21400-0200Klucel MF, 1 kg$0.00
AD-21400-0400Klucel MF, 5 lbs.$0.00

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