Silicone Mold Materials


Knead-A-Mold is an instant two-part silicone, heavy body, high definition, impression material. Knead-A-Mold is a hand moldable silicone "putty"that can be applied without the need of forms or dams.

Knead-A-Mold is simple to use because there is no need for weighing, simply knead together equal amounts by volume of part A and part B with your hands. After the two parts A/B are kneaded to a homogeneous blend, the mixture is pressed over the surface of the master object that you wish to replicate. After only six minutes the mixture cures to a soft flexible silicone rubber mold that can be used over and over many times.

Knead-A-Mold has an incredibly short setting time of only a few minutes, allowing it to be easily applied even on vertical surfaces. It is ideal for projects that need a quick turn around time, and yet offers duplicates with the finest of detail. This is an ideal impression material for glass, porcelain, frames and much more. Knead-A-Mold comes packaged in a 8 ounce kit, 1 pound kit, 3 pound kit and a 6 pound kit.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CA-26100-0008Knead-A-Mold, 8oz. Kit$0.00
CA-26100-0100 Knead-A-Mold, 1lb. Kit$0.00
CA-26100-0150 Knead-A-Mold, 1.5lb. Kit$0.00
CA-26100-0300 Knead-A-Mold, 3lb. Kit$0.00
CA-26100-0600 Knead-A-Mold, 6lb. Kit$0.00

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