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Kolner Burnishing Clay

Kolner Burnishing Clays are made from the finest English clays and are used at room temperature. Unlike traditional clays (bole), they are pre-mixed and there is no need to add glue or adhesives. Several layers are applied in the same manner as gesso and traditional clays and then polished to produce a lovely smooth luster. The listed colors can be mixed with each other to create additional colors. Kolner clays can also be used as a base for oil size gilding.

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Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
GS-58305-0100Kolner Clay, Normal Red, 100 ml$0.00
GS-58305-0500Kolner Clay, Normal Red, 500 ml$0.00
GS-58310-0100Kolner Clay, White, 100 ml$0.00
GS-58310-0500Kolner Clay, White, 500 ml$0.00
GS-58315-0100Kolner Clay, Blue, 100 ml$0.00
GS-58315-0500Kolner Clay, Blue, 500 ml$0.00
GS-58320-0100Kolner Clay, Ochre, 100 ml$0.00
GS-58320-0500Kolner Clay, Ochre, 500 ml$0.00
GS-58325-0100Kolner Clay, Black, 100 ml$0.00
GS-58325-0500Kolner Clay, Black, 500 ml$0.00
GS-58330-0100Kolner Clay, Yellow, 100 ml$0.00
GS-58330-0500Kolner Clay, Yellow, 500 ml$0.00

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