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CSS Laropal A-81 Picture Varnish

Our CSS Laropal A-81 Varnish is a UV stable reversible varnish comprised of Laropal A-81 (25% solids content) dissolved in a combination of Shell A100 and a low-aromatic solvent with Tinuvin 292 added as a UV absorber. We offer this varnish in three finshes: Gloss, Satin and Matte. The Satin and Matte versions have a micronized silica gel added to produce a varnish with less gloss. All three finshes can be blended to achieve a desired gloss level. Spraying is the preferred method of application when multiple coats are needed. If needed, the varnish can be removed with most any of the low aromatic solvents, such as Shell D-38.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CM-41081-0032CSS Laropal A-81 Picture Varnish-Gloss, Qt$28.84
CM-41081-0100CSS Laropal A-81 Picture Varnish-Gloss, Gal$88.60
CM-42081-0032CSS Laropal A-81 Picture Varnish-Satin, Qt$28.84
CM-42081-0100CSS Laropal A-81 Picture Varnish-Satin, Gal$88.60
CM-43081-0032CSS Laropal A-81 Picture Varnish-Matte, Qt$28.84
CM-43081-0100CSS Laropal A-81 Picture Varnish-Matte, Gal$88.60

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