Hot Air Guns

Leister "Ghibli"

Completely self-contained and portable. The Ghibli Hot Air Tool comes with a pistol grip style handle. Temperatures are independently controlled from 68 to 1,112 °F. Airflow rated 300 L/min. Two-stage switch. Fitted with standard 5 mm diameter nozzle for welding. Can be used without nozzle as hot-air blower for shrinking or bending plastic, bonding, preparing surfaces, curing, etc. The volume of air is adjustable between 40 and 300 L/min. and the air temperature is infinitely variable between 68 to 1,112 °F. The red potentiometer knob indicates the temperature setting. The set temperature is reached after about 3 minutes and remains constant, independent of which nozzle is fitted, independent of voltage fluctuations and independent of the chosen volume of air. All nozzles and reflectors can be fitted in seconds, without change of heating element. Weight is approx. 2 lbs.


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