Hot Air Guns

Leister Labor "S" (7A1)

The light-weight hand tool (only 140 grams) is connected by a 1.5 meter air hose to the blower unit. By electronic adjustment of the air flow from the blower and electronic adjustment of the heating element on the Labor "S" itself the air flow can be infinitely varied between 1 and 150 L/min. and the temperature can be steplessly varied between 20°C an 600 °C. A range of nozzles can be pushed onto the element holder of the Labor "S". Dimensions of the tool: 36 x 175 mm weight: 140 g. Weight of the tool with blower unit: 2,5 kg. Noise level only 52-58 dB(A). The Leister Labor "S" (7A1) come with the blower unit, 1.5 meter of hose and the Labor S hand piece and with a 1.5 mm oval nozzle only. Additional nozzles, hand tool rest and other accessories are available at additional cost.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-78015Leister Labor "S" (7A1)$1,820.00

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