Retouching Materials

Liberon Gilt Varnish

Liberon Gilt Varnish is available in eight colors and dries to a gloss finish. It is applied with a fine artist brush and is ideal for delicate gilt highlights and outlines. The gilt varnish is packed in 30 ml jars.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
GS-68105Gilt Var., Compiegne-Modern Gold$0.00
GS-68110Gilt Var., Chantilly-19th Century Gold$0.00
GS-68115Gilt Var., Trianon-Gold$0.00
GS-68120Gilt Var., Rembouillet-Oxidized Gold$0.00
GS-68125Gilt Var., Versailles-Gold with Red Base$0.00
GS-68130Gilt Var., Saint-Germain Silver$0.00
GS-68135Gilt Var., Fountainbleaux-Copper$0.00
GS-68140Gilt Var., Sceaux-Pewter$0.00
GS-68145Gilt Var., Fontenay Base-Red$0.00

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