Blotting Paper

Lightweight Blotting Paper Cotton

Our 100% cotton, lightweight blotting paper has a caliper thickness of 20 point and is intended for use to absorb moisture like felt, dried, and reused. It is acid-free and unbuffered with a pH value of 7. It is made from 100% cotton linters and specially formulated to help retard deterioration of the cotton fiber. Special care was taken in the composition of this grade to incorporate good wet strength characteristics which makes it suitable for repeat use. This blotting paper has no surface sizing and has one smooth side with the other side having a light texture. Sheet Stock: Our lightweight blotting paper is available in sheet form measuring 25" x 38" and 40" x 60". Keep in mind that the 40" x 60" sheets in either the 25 or 50 pack must be shipped via truck line. The 40" x 60" sheets in the 10 pack are rolled and boxed and shipped via UPS. Roll Stock: We also offer this same material in roll form measuring 40" in width or 83" in width. The 83" x 50 yds. roll is shipped via truck line.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
PB-18405-010 Blotting Paper-Light, 25” x 38”, 10 Sheets$0.00
PB-18405-025 Blotting Paper-Light, 25” x 38”, 25 Sheets$0.00
PB-18405-050 Blotting Paper-Light, 25” x 38”, 50 Sheets$0.00
PB-18405-100 Blotting Paper-Light, 25” x 38”, 100 Sheets$0.00
PB-18410-010 Blotting Paper-Light, 40” x 60”, 10 Sheets$0.00
PB-18410-025 Blotting Paper-Light, 40” x 60”, 25 Sheets$0.00
PB-18410-050 Blotting Paper-Light, 40” x 60”, 50 Sheets$0.00
PB-18440-025 Blotting Paper-Light, 40” x 25 yds$0.00
PB-18440-050 Blotting Paper-Light, 40” x 50 yds$0.00
PB-18483-025 Blotting Paper-Light, 83” x 25 yds$0.00
PB-18483-050 Blotting Paper-Light, 83” x 50 yds$0.00

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