General Environmental Meters

Liquid Spill Alarm

The liquid alarm may be placed anywhere. Place the small, sealed, remote sensor (the detector cable length is 10 feet) on the floor, table top or wherever a spill may occur. Use it to detect when beakers, drums, or tanks are close to overfilling. It is the perfect reminder for unattended filling. The moment a solution touches the sensor, a loud, high decibel alarm sounds and red LED light flashes continuously until the liquid is no longer in touch with the sensor. Battery operated alarm sounds even during power outages. It will easily pay for itself the first time it prevents a spill. The unit is supplied with a AA alkaline battery.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
EM-78005Liquid Spill Alarm$0.00
LS-78005Liquid Spill Alarm$0.00

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