Barrier Films

Marvelseal 470/2175

Marvelseal 470/2175 is an opaque, flexible, waterproof, heat sealable laminated material. This material is ideal for applications not requiring visibility of contents within a bag or wrapped material. We stock UNPRINTED Marvelseal 470/2175 which is more easily heat sealed and shape conforming than Marvelseal 360. When bonding this material, keep in mind that the heat sealable layer is rolled towards the inside of the roll. Please take note of the weight of the 200 yard rolls and plan accordingly.

The use of these films are effective and cost-efficient protective packaging solutions for conservation, non-toxic fumigation, long-term storage and shipping of art and artifacts. When properly fabricated into a bag or other enclosed chambers, barrier films can virtually eliminate oxygen and water vapor penetration. Barrier films can protect against harmful elements including gases, liquids, moisture, vermin and insects and provide greater protection in the sealing of shipping crates and lining of storage shelves.

There is a misconception that Marvelseal has an adhesive layer that can be used to attach it to other substrates. This is false. Marvelseal is designed to adhere to itself only and not to other surfaces. The dull/matte side of Marvelseal is the adhesive side of the material. Always have the dull/matte sides together when heat sealing. To apply Marvelseal to other substrates you will need to staple it or use a double sided tape to adhere it to the desired surface. The top surface, which is the "shiny" surface, is made of nylon and is where heat should be applied. The dull/matte side is the low-density polyethylene side, or the "adhesive" side, due to its low melting point. Marvelseal can be used to adhere to some other low-melting point plastics such as foam products and other similar low-melting point materials.

Layer 1: Oriented Polypropylene, 0.9 mil
Layer 2: Polyethylene, 0.65 mil
Layer 3: Aluminum Foil, 0.000285 mil
Layer 4: Polyethylene, 0.65 mil
Layer 5: Linear Low-Density Polyethylene, 2.8 mil
Total Thickness: 5.0 Mils
Width: 36 and 48 inches

MVTR (Moister Vapor Transfer Rate): 0.009 gms/meter2 (0.0006 gms/1002 inches.) per 24hrs @ 90% RH, 100°F
OTR (Oxygen Transfer Rate): 0.009 cc/meter2 (0.0006 cc/1002 inches.) per 24 hrs @ 0 RH, 73°F

Temp / Pressure: 350°F / 40 psi / 1 sec.

36" x 10yds: 6 lbs, 3.50" dia
36" x 25yds: 10 lbs, 4.25" dia
36" x 50yds: 18 lbs, 5.00" dia
36" x 100yds: 34 lbs, 6.25" dia
36" x 200yds: 68 lbs, 8.50" dia

48" x 10yds: 8 lbs, 3.50" dia
48" x 25yds: 12 lbs, 4.25" dia
48" x 50yds: 23 lbs, 5.00" dia
48" x 100yds: 45 lbs, 6.25" dia
48" x 200yds: 90 lbs, 8.50" dia


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AM-21753-0010Marvelseal 2175, 36” x 10 yds.$48.67
AM-21753-0025Marvelseal 2175, 36” x 25 yds.$93.74
AM-21753-0050Marvelseal 2175, 36” x 50 yds.$147.91
AM-21753-0100Marvelseal 2175, 36” x 100 yds.$218.23
AM-21753-0200Marvelseal 2175, 36” x 200 yds.$342.88
AM-21754-0010Marvelseal 2175, 48” x 10 yds.$63.33
AM-21754-0025Marvelseal 2175, 48” x 25 yds.$123.35
AM-21754-0050Marvelseal 2175, 48” x 50 yds.$197.75
AM-21754-0100Marvelseal 2175, 48” x 100 yds.$285.56
AM-21754-0200Marvelseal 2175, 48” x 200 yds.$467.17

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