Sanding-Stick & Belts

Micro-Mesh Sanding Belts

MICRO-MESH SANDING BELTS are made of loops of Micro-Mesh in all 9 grades, are 1/4" wide, 13" in circumference and fit the above sanding stick. The belts are packed (5) or (10) belts per package or in an assortment pack of (2) belts per each grit (18 in total).


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AB-33015-0005Micro-Mesh Belts-1/4”, 1500, 5 Pack$0.00
AB-33015-0010Micro-Mesh Belts-1/4”, 1500,10 Pack$0.00
AB-33018-0005Micro-Mesh Belts-1/4”, 1800, 5 Pack$0.00
AB-33018-0010Micro-Mesh Belts-1/4”, 1800,10 Pack$0.00
AB-33024-0005Micro-Mesh Belts-1/4”, 2400, 5 Pack$0.00
AB-33024-0010Micro-Mesh Belts-1/4”, 2400,10 Pack$0.00
AB-33032-0005Micro-Mesh Belts-1/4”, 3200, 5 Pack$0.00
AB-33032-0010Micro-Mesh Belts-1/4”, 3200,10 Pack$0.00
AB-33036-0005Micro-Mesh Belts-1/4”, 3600, 5 Pack$0.00
AB-33036-0010Micro-Mesh Belts-1/4”, 3600,10 Pack$0.00
AB-33040-0005Micro-Mesh Belts-1/4”, 4000, 5 Pack$0.00
AB-33040-0010Micro-Mesh Belts-1/4”, 4000,10 Pack$0.00
AB-33060-0005Micro-Mesh Belts-1/4”, 6000, 5 Pack$0.00
AB-33060-0010Micro-Mesh Belts-1/4”, 6000,10 Pack$0.00
AB-33080-0005Micro-Mesh Belts-1/4”, 8000, 5 Pack$0.00
AB-33080-0010Micro-Mesh Belts-1/4”,8000,10 Pack$0.00
AB-33120-0005Micro-Mesh Belts-1/4”, 12000, 5 Pack$0.00
AB-33120-0010Micro-Mesh Belts-1/4”,12000,10 Pack$0.00
AB-33125Micro-Mesh Belts-1/4”, Assort.$0.00

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