Modostuc is a putty based on a PVA formulation. This putty is very dense compared to other fillers and has little to no shrinkage. Modostuc will adhere to most clean surfaces such as paintings and wooden artifacts.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AD-79100-0150Modostuc - White, 150 gram$0.00
AD-79100-0500Modostuc - White, 500 gram$0.00
AD-79110-0100Modostuc - Ivory, 5oz/150 gram$0.00
AD-79115-0100Modostuc - Pine, 100 gram$0.00
AD-79120-0100Modostuc - Douglas Fir, 100 gram$0.00
AD-79125-0100Modostuc - Oak, 100 gram$0.00
AD-79130-0100Modostuc - Walnut, 100 gram$0.00
AD-79135-0100Modostuc - Teak, 100 gram$0.00
AD-79140-0100Modostuc - Mahogany, 100 gram$0.00
AD-79145-0100Modostuc - Dark Walnut, 100 gram$0.00
AD-79150-0100Modostuc - Set$0.00

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