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Natural Bristle Stencil Brush

Our Natural Bristle Stencil Brush is ideal for all your stenciling needs. What makes these handmade, premium quality stencil brushes a cut above the rest is that they are hand cupped to form the end of the brush (most stencil brushes have a machine cut end). Hand cupping of the hairs allows the ends of the bristles to be flagged (the same as a quality varnishing brushes), making a brush that holds large amounts of color and offers the flexibility needed for subtle shading. The beech wood handles are of a special design shaped for comfort and control. The handles are protected with five coats of black lacquer and are approx. 3" to 3-1/2" in length. The ferrules are made of polished aluminum with overall brush lengths of 5 to 7 inches.


Catalog No.Description1 - 56+Quantity
BR-96012Natural Bristle Stencil Brush, 1/2”$0.00$0.00
BR-96014Natural Bristle Stencil Brush, 1/4”$0.00$0.00
BR-96018Natural Bristle Stencil Brush, 1/8”$0.00$0.00
BR-96034Natural Bristle Stencil Brush, 3/4”$0.00$0.00
BR-96038Natural Bristle Stencil Brush, 3/8”$0.00$0.00
BR-96058Natural Bristle Stencil Brush, 5/8”$0.00$0.00
BR-96100Natural Bristle Stencil Brush, 1”$0.00$0.00
BR-96114Natural Bristle Stencil Brush, 1-1/4”$0.00$0.00

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