Electronic pH measurement


The Oakton pHTestr 2 is the world's first microprocessor based instrument with automatic temperature compensation (ATC) in its size and class, and represents the next generation of pocket pH testers. Because it is microprocessor based, its readings are exceptionally fast, stable and repeatable. The microprocessor makes the pHTestr 2 remarkably consistent in relation to its stated accuracy throughout its entire range, and multipoint calibration capability and ATC delivers ±0.1 pH accuracy even under varying temperature conditions.

The Oakton pHTestr 3 is the first instrument to provide ®±0.01 pH resolution and ®±0.02 pH accuracy at normal room temperatures in an easy to use, low cost pocket-sized tester. All of its other functions are the same as the pHTestr 2.

pHTestr Kits are available for both of the units above. The pHTestr Kits include: ten each of pH 4 and 7 calibration buffer tablets, three sample jars, and complete pH care and use instruction. All of this is packed in a hard shell carrying case that protects and organizes the components.

Specification pHTestr 2 pHTestr 3
Range:-1.0 to 15.0 pH-1.0 to 15.0 pH
Resolution:0.1 pH0.01 pH
Accuracy:±0.1 pH ±0.02
Calibration:3 point (4.0; 7.0; 10.0) 3 point (4.0; 7.0; 10.0)
Operating Temp.: 32 to 122°F32 to 122°F
Temp. Compensation:32 to 122°F32 to 122°F
Battery Life: 40 hours or 1200 tests40 hours or 1200 tests


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-81002Oakton pHTestr 2$0.00
LS-81002-KOakton pHTestr 2, Kit$0.00
LS-81003Oakton pHTestr 3$0.00
LS-81003-KOakton pHTestr 3, Kit$0.00

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