Varnishing Brushes

Omega 40 Bristle Varnishing Brush

The Omega Series 40 brush is by far one of the finest varnishing brushes made. Omega brushes are made with the finest white, pure Setola bristles that are noted for their resilience and durability. The ends of the bristles are well flagged. The Series 40 is a thin brush (approx. 3/16"), which will yield a more uniform thin appropriation of varnish. The handle is made of solid pecan with a deep green lacquered finish, is well balanced and has a stainless steel ferrule. Treated properly, you can expect great longevity from this brush.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
BR-40020Omega Ser. 40 Var. Brush, 20mm/0.75”$0.00
BR-40030Omega Ser. 40 Var. Brush, 30mm/1.20”$0.00
BR-40040Omega Ser. 40 Var. Brush, 40mm/1.56”$0.00
BR-40050Omega Ser. 40 Var. Brush, 50mm/2.00”$0.00
BR-40070Omega Ser. 40 Var. Brush, 70mm/2.75”$0.00
BR-40080Omega Ser. 40 Var. Brush, 80mm/3.25”$0.00
BR-40100Omega Ser. 40 Var. Brush, 100mm/4.00”$0.00

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