Varnishing Brushes

Omega Oval Varnishing Brush

Full ovals are preferred by many for varnishing work. These brushes are hand-cut for exceptional control. They are available in white Setola bristle and the finest Chinese black bristle. The white Setola bristle brush features a classic "varnisher's" handle. These handmade brushes are packed full, no spacers are used in the ferrule. Hard vulcanized rubber, impervious to solvents, is used to set the bristles in a stainless ferrule mounted on balanced pecan handles.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
BR-43415Oval Setola Bristle Var. Brush, 1-1/2”$0.00
BR-43420Oval Setola Bristle Var. Brush, 2”$0.00
BR-43430Oval Setola Bristle Var. Brush, 3”$0.00
BR-44515Oval Chinese Bristle Var. Brush, 1-1/2”$0.00
BR-44520Oval Chinese Bristle Var. Brush, 2”$0.00
BR-44530Oval Chinese Bristle Var. Brush, 3”$0.00

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