Orasol Dyes

Orasol dyes by Ciba-Geigy are unlike conventional solvent-soluble dyes in that they have excellent solubility in both alcohol and ketone solvents. Orasol dyes are not directly soluble in hydrocarbon solvents, but if they are first dissolved in an active solvent such as MEK, ketone or ethanol, hydrocarbon solvents can be used as diluents. These dyes are also suitable for use in resins, waxes, shellacs and epoxies. You can achieve almost any color desired by mixing a variety of dyes. Remember, Orasol dyes are extremely strong, pure dyes (a little goes a long way). The colors produced from these dyes are transparent and have excellent light stability. All of our Orasol Dyes are packed by weight, not volume. Call for pricing on larger amounts. 1 OZ. SAMPLE SET OF 16 COLORS: CO-38190-0001 PRICE $82.60

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Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CO-38105-0002Orasol Dye, Yellow 4GN, 2 oz.$0.00
CO-38105-0004Orasol Dye, Yellow 4GN, 4 oz.$0.00
CO-38110-0002Orasol Dye, Yellow 2GLN, 2 oz.$0.00
CO-38110-0004Orasol Dye, Yellow 2GLN, 4 oz$0.00
CO-38115-0002Orasol Dye, Yellow 3R, 2 oz.$0.00
CO-38115-0004Orasol Dye, Yellow 3R, 4 oz.$0.00
CO-38120-0002Orasol Dye, Yellow 2RLN, 2 oz.$0.00
CO-38120-0004Orasol Dye, Yellow 2RLN, 4 oz.$0.00
CO-38125-0002Orasol Dye, Orange G, 2 oz.$0.00
CO-38125-0004Orasol Dye, Orange G, 4 oz.$0.00
CO-38130-0002Orasol Dye, Orange RG, 2 oz.$0.00
CO-38130-0004Orasol Dye, Orange RG, 4 oz.$0.00
CO-38135-0002Orasol Dye, Brown 2GL, 2 oz.$0.00
CO-38135-0004Orasol Dye, Brown 2GL, 4 oz.$0.00
CO-38140-0002Orasol Dye, Brown 2RL, 2 oz.$0.00
CO-38140-0004Orasol Dye, Brown 2RL, 4 oz.$0.00
CO-38145-0002Orasol Dye, Brown 6RL, 2 oz.$0.00
CO-38145-0004Orasol Dye, Brown 6RL, 4 oz.$0.00
CO-38150-0002Orasol Dye, Red 3GL, 2 oz.$0.00
CO-38150-0004Orasol Dye, Red 3GL, 4 oz.$0.00
CO-38155-0002Orasol Dye, Red G, 2 oz.$0.00
CO-38155-0004Orasol Dye, Red G, 4 oz.$0.00
CO-38160-0002Orasol Dye, Red BL, 2 oz.$0.00
CO-38160-0004Orasol Dye, Red BL, 4 oz.$0.00
CO-38170-0002Orasol Dye, Blue GN, 2 oz.$0.00
CO-38170-0004Orasol Dye, Blue GN, 4 oz.$0.00
CO-38175-0002Orasol Dye, Blue GL, 2 oz.$0.00
CO-38175-0004Orasol Dye, Blue GL, 4 oz.$0.00
CO-38180-0002Orasol Dye, Black CN, 2 oz.$0.00
CO-38180-0004Orasol Dye, Black CN, 4 oz.$0.00
CO-38185-0002Orasol Dye, Black RLI, 2 oz.$0.00
CO-38185-0004Orasol Dye, Black RLI, 4 oz.$0.00
CO-38190-0002Orasol Dye, Set of 16 Colors, 2 oz.$0.00
CO-38190-0004Orasol Dye, Set of 16 Colors, 4 oz.$0.00
CO-38195-0002Orasol Dye, Color Chart$0.00
CO-38195-0004Orasol Dye, Color Chart$0.00

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