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Paint Pens

You can mark permanently most anything with real paint pens. These pens are great for marking laboratory equipment and much more. The opaque, weatherproof enamel dries to a glossy finish in seconds. The paint pen with its pressure sensitive felt tip applies smoothly on glass, leather, stone, wood, metal, vinyl, paper, plastic, etc. Shake the pen for 60 seconds to insure proper mix of paint and you will be able to writeout 150 meters. Paint pens are available in either a fine point, approx. 2.5 mm wide, or a medium point, approx. 4 mm wide.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AS-32001Paint Pens-Fine, Black$0.00
AS-32002Paint Pens-Fine, Blue$0.00
AS-32003Paint Pens-Fine, Gold$0.00
AS-32004Paint Pens-Fine, Green$0.00
AS-32005Paint Pens-Fine, Red$0.00
AS-32005Paint Pens-Fine, Silver$0.00
AS-32006Paint Pens-Fine, White$0.00
AS-32007Paint Pens-Fine, Yellow$0.00
AS-32101Paint Pens-Medium, Black$0.00
AS-32102Paint Pens-Medium, Blue$0.00
AS-32103Paint Pens-Medium, Gold$0.00
AS-32104Paint Pens-Medium, Green$0.00
AS-32105Paint Pens-Medium, Red$0.00
AS-32106Paint Pens-Medium, Silver$0.00
AS-32107Paint Pens-Medium, White$0.00
AS-32108Paint Pens-Medium, Yellow$0.00

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