pH Measuring

pH Buffer Solutions

Our pH buffer solutions are cross checked using different test methods, and are triple sealed to prevent spilling during shipment. They come premixed and ready to use in 4oz, 8oz and 16oz containers.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-81004-0004pH Buffer Solution 4.0, 4oz$0.00
LS-81004-0008pH Buffer Solution 4.0, 8oz$0.00
LS-81004-0016pH Buffer Solution 4.0, 16oz$0.00
LS-81007-0004pH Buffer Solution 7.0, 4oz$0.00
LS-81007-0008pH Buffer Solution 7.0, 8oz$0.00
LS-81007-0016pH Buffer Solution 7.0, 16oz$0.00
LS-81010-0004pH Buffer Solution 10.0, 4oz$0.00
LS-81010-0008pH Buffer Solution 10.0, 8oz$0.00
LS-81010-0016pH Buffer Solution 10.0, 16oz$0.00
LS-81471-0004pH Buffer Solution 4-7-10 Set, 4oz$0.00
LS-81471-0008pH Buffer Solution 4-7-10 Set, 8oz$0.00
LS-81471-0016pH Buffer Solution 4-7-10 Set, 16oz$0.00

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