Wiping Materials

Photex Anti-Static Wipes

Photex Wipes are ideal for use in all applications where static neutralization and dust control is critical. These wipes are soft, absorbent and lint free. They will not scratch because they contain no chemical or polymer binders. Photex Wipes reduce or eliminate static wherever they are used. They are excellent for glass, optics, photographic film and especially useful for wiping items before final coatings are applied. They measure 9" x 13" and come packed 25 or 100 wipes per box. They cost less than 25 cents per wipe. Compare that to other anti-static wipers that cost as much as $5.00 each.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CL-26005-0025Photex Wipes, 25 pack$0.00
CL-26005-0100Photex Wipes, 100 pack$0.00

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