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Pigma Micron Pens

Pigma pens are versatile, fine lined, archival, permanent writing tools. To insure complete consistency of color and shading, the color in the ink is derived from a single pigment (unlike dye-based inks). Pigma ink is waterproof, quick drying, and fadeproof against sunlight or UV light. These pens will write on any porous surface. Pigma Pens are available individually in black, in a set of all 6 different point sizes in black or in a set of Black Red, Blue, Green, Brown and Violet.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AS-31005Pigma Pen .005 / 0.21mm, Black$0.00
AS-31010Pigma Pen .010 / 0.28mm, Black$0.00
AS-31020Pigma Pen .020 / 0.32mm, Black$0.00
AS-31030Pigma Pen .030 / 0.36mm, Black$0.00
AS-31050Pigma Pen .050 / 0.38mm, Black$0.00
AS-31080Pigma Pen .080 / 0.47mm, Black$0.00
AS-36000Pigma Pen Set, 6 Point Sizes, Black$0.00
AS-36010Pigma Pen Set, .010 in 6 Colors$0.00
AS-36050Pigma Pen Set, .005 in 6 Colors$0.00
AS-36050Pigma Pen Set, .050 in 6 Colors$0.00

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