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Polyethylene Foam Pouches

Polyethylent foam pouches are a simple answer for protection of fragile objects. They are made from a closed-cell, polyethylene foam. It is chemically inert, does not adsorb moisture, and has good thermal insulating properties. ethafoam is an ideal material for packaging, storage, shelving, and box lining. it readily conforms to shapes and is easy to cut to size. The density of our polyethylene foam is 2 lb/cu. ft and is translucent / white in color.


Catalog No.Description1 - 34+Quantity
AS-10404-100Foam Pouches, 4” x 4”, 100 pk$0.00$0.00
AS-10407-100Foam Pouches, 4” x 7”, 100 pk$0.00$0.00
AS-10609-025Foam Pouches, 6” x 9”, 25 pk$0.00$0.00
AS-10810-025Foam Pouches, 8” x 10, 25 pk$0.00$0.00

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