Varnishing Brushes

Polyfoam Brush

Our polyfoam brush can be used to apply varnish, water and oil based paints and other coatings. Polyfoam brushes are not suited for use with lacquer, shellac or active solvent based materials. Although they can be cleaned and reused, in general they are considered to be disposable. These brushes have a smooth wooden handle and a polyfoam head that comes to a chiseled point. A flat plastic insert within the brush head adds extra support so the foam head holds its shape.


Catalog No.Description1 - 56+Quantity
BR-43710Foam Brush, 1”$0.00$0.00
BR-43720Foam Brush, 2”$0.00$0.00
BR-43730Foam Brush, 3”$0.00$0.00
BR-43740Foam Brush, 4”$0.00$0.00

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