Waxes, Synthetic

Polywax 500

Polywax 500 is a modifying wax (hardener) for coatings.

Form: Beads
Melt Point: 187°F/85°C
Penetration: 7

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Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CM-10175-0100Polywax 500, 1 lb.$12.65
CM-10175-0220Polywax 500, 1 kg.$17.97
CM-10175-0500Polywax 500, 5 lbs.$49.85
CM-10175-1000Polywax 500, 10 lbs.$91.62
CM-10175-2500Polywax 500, 25 lbs.$217.13
CM-10175-5500Polywax 500, 55 lbs.$430.45

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