Steel, Bronze & Synthetic Wool

Pro's Best Oil-Free Steel Wool

Pro's Best Steel Wool is oil free and every bit as good as the imported variety, at a greatly reduced cost. Pro's Best is manufactured with a water-based lubricant instead of oil. We offer this product in four grades, grade 0000 is the finest and is used to apply wax, clean delicate woodwork and metalwork. Grades 00 and 0 are medium grades for cleaning and used after stripping. Packaged in sleeves, each contains 16 pads.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AB-18105Oil-Free Steel Wool Pads, 0000$0.00
AB-18110Oil-Free Steel Wool Pads, 000$0.00
AB-18115Oil-Free Steel Wool Pads, 00$0.00
AB-18120Oil-Free Steel Wool Pads, 0$0.00

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