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Regalrez Topcoat

Our Regalraz topcoat marking solution is a mixture of a low molecular weight synthetic resin dissolved in a very low aromatic solvent (15-20%solids content). Appling a topcoat of this marking solution helps to protect your labeling from being scratched. This product can be used as both an undercoat and topcoat. This topcoat will take only a few minutes to dry. What makes this material different from all the rest is that it remains removable with very low aromatic solvents.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AS-25101-0001LMW Resin Marking Solution-TC, 1oz.$0.00
AS-25101-0004LMW Resin Marking Solution-TC, 4oz.$0.00
AS-25101-0008LMW Resin Marking Solution-TC, 8oz$0.00

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