Inpainting Brushes

Rowney Series Diana

Rowney Diana Series Kolinsky round brushes are made in England, of pure Kolinsky sable. The Diana is one of the best known and commonly used brushes in restoration inpainting. The black lacquered handles are approx. 8" in length and have seamless nickel plated brass ferrules.


Catalog No.Description1 - 56+Quantity
BR-20101-0Rowney Diana, Size #0$0.00$0.00
BR-20101-00Rowney Diana, Size #2/0$0.00$0.00
BR-20101-000Rowney Diana, Size #3/0$0.00$0.00
BR-20101-1Rowney Diana, Size #1$0.00$0.00
BR-20101-2Rowney Diana, Size #2$0.00$0.00
BR-20101-3Rowney Diana, Size #3$0.00$0.00
BR-20101-4Rowney Diana, Size #4$0.00$0.00
BR-20101-6Rowney Diana, Size #6$0.00$0.00

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