Schmincke Gouache

Schmincke Series 12 Gouache is not to be mistaken with all those "designer gouaches" on the market that often alter their colors by adding white. Series 12 is a true artists' quality gouache which contains pure traditional lightfast artists' pigments as well as some brilliant modern pigments. Schmincke Gouache is different from other gouaches in that the natural opacity of the pigments is not artificially increased as it is usually done with other designers' gouache. This permits the pigments to retain their natural luster. The covering power differs according to the pigment. In order to achieve the best color intensity, the concentration of pigments in Schmincke Gouache is especially high. It has a slightly retarded drying time in order to improve its evenness and flow properties. After drying, its surface is matte. Schmincke Gouache is extra-finely ground, therefore, it may not only be applied with a brush but also sprayed with the finest airbrush nozzle. All Schmincke Gouache colors come packed in 15ml tubes.

Price Note: Purchase a complete set of Schmincke Gouache Series 12 colors, and save 5% off the cost of buying the 48 colors separately.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CO-26102Gouache, Titanium White$0.00
CO-26103Gouache, Zinc White$0.00
CO-26220Gouache, Lemon Yellow$0.00
CO-26222Gouache, Vanadium Yellow$0.00
CO-26224Gouache, Cad. Yellow Light$0.00
CO-26226Gouache, Cad. Yellow Tone$0.00
CO-26228Gouache, Cad. Yellow Middle$0.00
CO-26230Gouache, Indian Yellow$0.00
CO-26232Gouache, Cad. Yellow Deep$0.00
CO-26234Gouache, Cad. Orange Tone$0.00
CO-26236Gouache, Cad. Orange$0.00
CO-26340Gouache, Vermillon Tone$0.00
CO-26342Gouache, Cadmium Red Tone$0.00
CO-26344Gouache, Cadmium Red Light$0.00
CO-26346Gouache, Cadmium Red Middle$0.00
CO-26348Gouache, Cadmium Red Deep$0.00
CO-26350Gouache, Scarlet Red$0.00
CO-26352Gouache, Carmine$0.00
CO-26354Gouache, Madder Lake Deep$0.00
CO-26356Gouache, Madder Red Dark$0.00
CO-26358Gouache, Purple Magenta$0.00
CO-26360Gouache, Quinacridone Violet$0.00
CO-26460Gouache, Violet$0.00
CO-26462Gouache, Delft Blue$0.00
CO-26464Gouache, Ultramarine Deep$0.00
CO-26466Gouache, Cobalt Blue Deep$0.00
CO-26468Gouache, Ultramarine Light$0.00
CO-26470Gouache, Cobalt Blue Light$0.00
CO-26472Gouache, Indigo Blue Dark$0.00
CO-26474Gouache, Helio Blue$0.00
CO-26476Gouache, Prussian Blue$0.00
CO-26478Gouache, Helio Turquoise$0.00
CO-26520Gouache, Helio Green Bluish$0.00
CO-26522Gouache, Viridian$0.00
CO-26524Gouache, Helio Green Yellowish$0.00
CO-26526Gouache, Cobalt Green Light$0.00
CO-26528Gouache, Cobalt Green Deep$0.00
CO-26530Gouache, Chromium Oxide$0.00
CO-26532Gouache, Olive Green$0.00
CO-26640Gouache, Titanium Gold Ochre$0.00
CO-26642Gouache, Raw Umber$0.00
CO-26644Gouache, Raw Sienna$0.00
CO-26646Gouache, English Red$0.00
CO-26648Gouache, Burnt Sienna$0.00
CO-26650Gouache, Burnt Umber$0.00
CO-26652Gouache, Vandyke Brown$0.00
CO-26785Gouache, Neutral Gray$0.00
CO-26787Gouache, Ivory Black$0.00
CO-26800Gouache, Set of 48 Colors$0.00
CO-26810Gouache, Printed Color Chart$0.00

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