Fish Based Adhesives

Sea Gel

SEA GEL is a ready to use, liquid fish gelatin. The original high purity fish gelatin is buffered to a neutral pH and has been modified with plasticizers and a preservative. SEA GEL is water thinnable and water reversible after drying. SEA GEL can be used as a consolidant and or an adhesive for paintings, photographic, and paper conservation and more. Its low viscosity makes it an ideal adhesive to apply to tissue to create a mending tissue that can be reactivated by applying a fine spray of water. SEA GEL comes in two grades. The Normal Grade is light tan in color and should work for most general applications. The Premium Grade is almost clear in color, lending its use to areas where adhesive clarity is of the most importance. SEA GEL is packaged in 500 ml (approx. 1 pint) plastic containers.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AD-53885-0500Sea Gel - Premium Grade, 500 ml$0.00
AD-54880-0500Sea Gel - Normal Grade, 500 ml$0.00

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