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Secure Wax™

SECURE WAX™ is a blend of microcrystalline waxes with adhesive and translucent properties that are ideal for securing artifacts to their display surfaces. This quality may be helpful in minimizing damage to artifacts should sudden movement occur. Secure Wax is appropriate for securing a variety of artifact materials such as wood, glass, ceramics, stone, etc. to most any display surface.

Secure Wax is easy to apply. After cleaning and drying both the object and display surface, simply pinch off a small portion of wax approximately the size of a grain of rice or small pea. Gently roll wax between your fingers into a small ball. Depending on the size and weight of the object being secured, place anywhere from 4 to 12 of these wax bits separated 1 to 2 inches apart to the bottom of the object and simply press to the display surface. Remember, although you have now decreased the chance of your object being dislodged from the mounting surface, keep in mind that not all mounting surfaces are secured equally as well. In the case of a shelf, make sure the shelf cannot become dislodged from its mounts, and most importantly, that the display itself cannot be overturned.

If it is necessary to remove the object from its display surface usually a slight twisting motion will release the adhesive bond. Precautions must be taken not to apply excessive force to an object during removal. At the time the wax bond releases, damage could occur to the object, adjacent objects or display surface (such as loose glass shelving) by accidentally coming in contact with each other. Loose glass shelving in particular will tend to lift during object removal. It is advisable to restrain the shelf from lifting. A second pair of hands could be helpful in restraining the shelf's movement at this time. Secure Wax can be removed easily from the object or display surface by using a clean soft cloth soaked in very hot tap water or mineral spirits if needed. A dry cloth will work as well, but with greater effort, for those surfaces that should not come in contact with water


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AS-10105-008Secure Wax, 8 oz. Container$10.22$9.20
AS-10105-016Secure Wax, 16 oz. Container$15.40$13.86

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