Burnishing Clays - Bole

Selhamin Clay - Poliment - Premixed

Premixed with water in 1kg jars.

Gilding Info                   

Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
GS-52105Selhamin Premixed, Red$0.00
GS-52110Selhamin Premixed, Yellow$0.00
GS-52115Selhamin Premixed, Blue$0.00
GS-52120Selhamin Premixed, Black$0.00
GS-52125Selhamin Premixed, Gray$0.00
GS-52130Selhamin Premixed, White$0.00
GS-52135Selhamin Premixed, Latium Blue$0.00
GS-52140Selhamin Premixed, Amalfi$0.00
GS-52145Selhamin Premixed, Venetian Green$0.00
GS-52150Selhamin Premixed, Apulian Pink$0.00

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