Casein Colors

Shiva Casein Emulsion Colors

Schmincke Series 12 Gouache is not to be mistaken with all those "designer gouaches" on the market that often alter their colors by adding white. Series 12 is a true artists' quality gouache which contains pure traditional lightfast artists' pigments as well as some brilliant modern pigments. Schmincke Gouache is different from other gouaches in that the natural opacity of the pigments is not artificially increased as it is usually done with other designers' colors.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CO-20500Shiva Casein, Titanium White $0.00
CO-20501Shiva Casein, Ivory Black$0.00
CO-20502Shiva Casein, Halftone Black$0.00
CO-20503Shiva Casein, Payne's Grey$0.00
CO-20504Shiva Casein, Light Red$0.00
CO-20505Shiva Casein, Alizarin Crimson$0.00
CO-20506Shiva Casein, Venetian Red$0.00
CO-20507Shiva Casein, Rose Red$0.00
CO-20508Shiva Casein, Cadmium Red Deep$0.00
CO-20509Shiva Casein, Cadmium Red Pale$0.00
CO-20510Shiva Casein, Cadmium Red Scarlet$0.00
CO-20511Shiva Casein, Rose Red$0.00
CO-20512Shiva Casein, Yellow Ochre$0.00
CO-20513Shiva Casein, Cad. Yellow Light $0.00
CO-20514Shiva Casein, Cad. Yellow Medium$0.00
CO-20515Shiva Casein, Naples Yellow Hue$0.00
CO-20516Shiva Casein, Cad. Orange$0.00
CO-20517Shiva Casein, Cerulean Blue$0.00
CO-20518Shiva Casein, Cobalt Blue$0.00
CO-20519Shiva Casein, Ultramarine Blue$0.00
CO-20520Shiva Casein, Phthalo Blue Deep$0.00
CO-20521Shiva Casein, Permasol Blue $0.00
CO-20522Shiva Casein, Violet$0.00
CO-20523Shiva Casein, Terra Verte $0.00
CO-20524Shiva Casein, Cadmium Green $0.00
CO-20525Shiva Casein, Phthalo Green$0.00
CO-20526Shiva Casein, Chrom. Oxide Green$0.00
CO-20527Shiva Casein, Burnt Sienna$0.00
CO-20528Shiva Casein, Burnt Umber$0.00
CO-20529Shiva Casein, Raw Sienna$0.00
CO-20530Shiva Casein, Raw Umber$0.00
CO-20531Shiva Casein, Golden Ochre$0.00
CO-20612Shiva Casein, Set of 12 Colors$0.00
CO-20632Shiva Casein, Set of 32 Colors$0.00
CO-20699Shiva Casein, Printed Color Chart$0.00

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