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Solvol Autosol Metal Polish

Solvol Autosol metal polish cleans, protects and polishes all bright metal surfaces, including, but not limited to, chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and brass. It's strong enough to remove rust corrosion and oxides from heavily weathered items like door knobs, yet gentle enough to use on all metals and alloys, even gold, producing outstanding results.

Solvol Autosol works equally as well on fiberglass, marble, ivory and much more. It's great for removal of ballpoint pen ink from most all surfaces. It can be applied in small areas with a cotton tipped applicator, or larger areas with a polishing cloth or roll cotton, and works great when applied with a small cleaning brush like our small china bristle cleaning brush. When you are finished polishing, any residual polish can be removed with a mild solvent (Stoddard Solvent works well) and clean polishing cloth. Solvol Autosol comes packed in 100g tubes (about the size of a large tube of toothpaste). Call for pricing on larger quantities.

Warning: Do not use Autosol on silver or gold plate.


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AB-25005 Solvol Autosol$10.93$9.88$8.84

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