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Stainless Steel Modeling Tools

These fine quality, hand forged modeling tools are made of stainless steel in Italy and are ideal for use in restoration. In the picture above they're shown a little more than half their actual size. The first group of tools are rounded on both ends. The rounded end tapers to a thin and flexible tip. The second group of tools are rounded on one end and ground to a chiseled, sharp square edge on the other. The rounded end tapers to a thin and flexible tip.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-10205Modeling Tool, Round/Chisel, 6-1/8”$0.00
LS-10210Modeling Tool, Round/Chisel, 6-1/2”$0.00
LS-10215Modeling Tool, Round/Chisel, 6-3/4”$0.00
LS-10220Modeling Tool, Round/Chisel, 7-1/2”$0.00
LS-10225Modeling Tool, Round/ Round, 6”$0.00
LS-10230Modeling Tool, Round/ Round, 6-1/2”$0.00
LS-10235Modeling Tool, Round/ Round, 7-1/8”$0.00
LS-10240Modeling Tool, Round/ Round, 7-3/4”$0.00
LS-10245Modeling Tool, Round/ Round, 7-7/8”$0.00

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