Hot Melt Adhesives and Glue Guns

Standard Glue Sticks

Our hot melt glue sticks are translucent white to clear in color. They are comprised of ethylene vinyl acetate (65%), and hydrocarbon resin (30%). The hot melt glue sticks are available in both the standard 7/16" x 10" sticks and the mini 5/16" x 4" or 10" sticks (please specify length needed at for the time of ordering) for more delicate jobs. Both of these products are "Multi-Temperature " or "Dual Temperature " meaning they can be used as both a low melt adhesive or high melt adhesive. They will fit almost any standard hot glue gun.

Glue Type: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Size: 0.45
Application Temp: 250°F and 380°F
Softening Point: 176°F
Viscosity (Low Temp): 250°F @ 36,400cps
Viscosity (High Temp): 380°F @ 4,075cps
Open Time: 45 Seconds
Color: Clear
Qty by Weight Qty by Sticks
8 ounces 9 Sticks
1 pound 18 Sticks
1 kg 40 Sticks
5 pounds 90 Sticks


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AD-72510-0100Glue Sticks, ½” x 10”, 1 lb$11.63
AD-72510-0200Glue Sticks, ½” x 10”, 1 kg$21.96
AD-72510-0500Glue Sticks, ½” x 10”, 5 lbs.$43.79
AD-72510-1000Glue Sticks, ½” x 10”, 10 lbs.$75.48
AD-72510-2500Glue Sticks, ½” x 10”, 25 lbs.$148.73

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