Fish Based Adhesives

Sturgeon Bladders Isinglass

Genuine Isinglass sturgeon bladders come from the gallbladders of the Russian sturgeon. The sturgeon bladders we offer are of the finest quality and free of blood. The sturgeon gallbladders are a by-product of the caviar industry. Making sturgeon glue from the gallbladders is a somewhat lengthy but simple process of soaking the bladders overnight, heating over a double boiler, then straining the mix through a gauze filter. Once you have completed this procedure, you will have an exceptional glue. Complete instructions come with each order.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AD-52105-0001Sturgeon Bladders, 1 oz$0.00
AD-52105-0002Sturgeon Bladders, 2 oz$0.00
AD-52105-0004Sturgeon Bladders, 4 oz$0.00
AD-52105-0008Sturgeon Bladders, 8 oz$0.00
AD-52105-0100Sturgeon Bladders, 1 lb.$0.00

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