Steel, Bronze & Synthetic Wool

Synthetic Steel Wool Pads

Scotch Bright Pads are made of a non-woven nylon abrasive material that assures the best finish for all surface preparations. Each pad measures 6" x 9" x 1/4". These pads are flexible, making them form fitting, rustproof, non-loading and can be used dry or wet. The general grade is equivalent to #1 steel wool, fine grade is the same as #00, ultra fine equals 000, and the finest is equal to #0000. The Assort. pack contains 5 pads of each abrasive grade.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AB-16448-001Synthetic Wool Pad, Fine, Each$0.00
AB-16448-010Synthetic Wool Pad, Fine, 10 pk$0.00
AB-16448-020Synthetic Wool Pad, Fine, 20 pk$0.00
AB-17445-001Synthetic Wool Pad, Finest, Each$0.00
AB-17445-010Synthetic Wool Pad, Finest, 10 pk$0.00
AB-17445-020Synthetic Wool Pad, Finest, 20 pk$0.00
AB-17447-001Synthetic Wool Pad, General, Each$0.00
AB-17447-010Synthetic Wool Pad, General, 10 pk$0.00
AB-17447-020Synthetic Wool Pad, General, 20 pk$0.00
AB-17448-001Synthetic Wool Pad, Ultra Fine, Each$0.00
AB-17448-010Synthetic Wool Pad, Ultra Fine, 10 pk$0.00
AB-17448-020Synthetic Wool Pad, Ultra Fine, 20 pk$0.00
AB-18000-020Synthetic Wool Pad, Assortment, 20 pk$0.00

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