Tack Hammers Steel and Bronze

Our Steel Tack Hammer is a high quality tool with a 5oz. head made of steel. One end of the hammer head is for hammering the other end of the head is magnetized to pick-up and hold steel tacks for placement. The hard wood handle gives the hammer a very nice feel and balance. We offer two Osborne Bronze Tack Hammers. The No. 33 has a solid bronze, 7 oz. head and the No. 39 that has a 9 oz. head for heaver work. The head has a permanent alnico magnet at one end to pick-up and hold steel tacks for placement. The other end of the head has a steel tip insert for hammering. This is a real top quality tool that will last you a lifetime.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
TL-14110Tack Hammer, Steel$0.00
TL-14133Tack Hammer, Bronze No. 33$0.00
TL-14139Tack Hammer, Bronze No. 39$0.00

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