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Tinuvin 292

Tinuvin 292 is a liquid UV stabilizer of the sterically hindered amine class. It is a tertiary amine developed for the UV stabilization of industrial coatings and inks, making it an excellent general purpose hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS). Because of its liquid nature, it has the advantage of outstanding compatibility with a wide variety of coating systems, including waterborne and UV curable coatings.

Tinuvin 292 is used in the amount of approx. 2-3% by weight of resin. For best results, It should only be added at the time of use to small batches of varnish that can be used within a few days. Tinuvin 292 is for use within an environment absent of ultraviolet light.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CM-54292-002Tinuvin 292, 2 oz.$0.00
CM-54292-004Tinuvin 292, 4 oz.$0.00
CM-54292-008Tinuvin 292, 8 oz.$0.00
CM-54292-016Tinuvin 292, 16 oz$0.00

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