Barrier Films

Tyvek Barrier

Tyvek Barrier is the strongest and most durable barrier film available. This material is ideal for the applications required in shipping crates and linning of storage shelves

Layer 1: Tyvek, 4.8 mil
Layer 2: Polyethylene, 1.0 mil
Layer 3: Aluminum Foil, 0.0003 mil
Layer 4: Polyethylene, 2.7 mil
Total: 8.5 Mils
Width: 48 inches

WV TR: 0.0005g/100in2 per 24hr @ 90% RH, 100°F
Oxygen TR: 0.01cc/m2 per 24hr.

Temp / Pressure: 375°F / 40 psi / 1 sec.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
AM-11930-0010Tyvek Barrier Film, 48” x 10 yds.$0.00
AM-11930-0025Tyvek Barrier Film, 48” x 25 yds.$0.00
AM-11930-0050Tyvek Barrier Film, 48” x 50 yds.$0.00
AM-11930-0100Tyvek Barrier Film, 48” x 100 yds.$0.00
AM-11930-0200Tyvek Barrier Film, 48” x 200 yds.$0.00

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