Hot Air Guns

Variable Temperature Air Flow Heat Gun

This electronically controlled hot air gun has continuously variable temperature from 120°F through 1100°F with a LCD continuous temperature output indicator. What sets this hot air gun apart from all the others is that the air flow is also continuously variable from 7 to 17.6 cfm, allowing this unit to be used in areas where other guns would blow away small objects under repair. This heat gun has an electronic control system that accurately regulates the temperature within the tool's heating element. Unlike non-electronic heat guns, this one will maintain the same temperature even when the air flow is decreased or restricted with the use of accessory nozzles. This gun is suited to applications such as activating and curing adhesives and welding foam for packing crates, shrinking heat shrink tubing, repairs on paintings and objects and much more. The total weight of this unit is just under 2 pounds. Several nozzles are available. Call to inquire.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-78030Electronic Controlled Heat Gun$0.00

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