Hook & Loop

Velcro Tape

We offer two types of genuine Velcro tape. The nylon PSA backed (pressure sensitive adhesive backing) is ideal for most harder objects. The nylon plain backed (non-adhesive) tape is very useful when sewn on to fabrics or it can be applied with staples or double sided tape. Remember that you are ordering the hook and loop separately, purchase accordingly. We have many other sizes available, from 5/8" to 4", in a variety of colors. Call for availability and pricing.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
FH-47110-H005Velcro Hook, 1”/Beige/PSA, 5 yds$0.00
FH-47110-L025Velcro Loop, 1”/Beige/PSA, 25 yds$0.00
FH-47134-H005Velcro Hook, 3/4”/Beige/PSA, 5 yds$0.00
FH-47134-L025Velcro Loop, 3/4”/Beige/PSA, 25 yds$0.00
FH-47210-H005Velcro Hook, 1”/Black/PSA, 5 yds$0.00
FH-47210-L025Velcro Loop, 1”/Black/PSA, 25 yds$0.00
FH-47234-H005Velcro Hook, 3/4”/Black/PSA, 5 yds$0.00
FH-47234-L025Velcro Loop, 3/4”/Black/PSA, 25 yds$0.00
FH-47310-H005Velcro Hook, 1”/White/PSA, 5 yds$0.00
FH-47310-L025Velcro Loop, 1”/White/PSA, 25 yds$0.00
FH-48110-H005Velcro Hook, 1”/Beige/Non-Adh., 5 yds$0.00
FH-48110-L050Velcro Loop, 1”/Beige/Non-Adh., 50 yds$0.00
FH-48134-H005Velcro Hook, 3/4”/Beige/Non-Adh., 5 yds$0.00
FH-48134-L050Velcro Loop, 3/4”/Beige/Non-Adh., 50 yds$0.00
FH-48158-H005Velcro Hook, 5/8”/Beige/Non-Adh., 5 yds$0.00
FH-48158-L050Velcro Loop, 5/8”/Beige/Non-Adh., 50 yds$0.00
FH-48210-H005Velcro Hook, 1”/Black/Non-Adh., 5 yds$0.00
FH-48210-L050Velcro Loop, 1”/Black/Non-Adh., 50 yds$0.00
FH-48234-H005Velcro Hook, 3/4”/Black/Non-Adh., 5 yds$0.00
FH-48234-L050Velcro Loop, 3/4”/Black/Non-Adh., 50 yds$0.00
FH-48258-H005Velcro Hook, 5/8”/Black/Non-Adh., 5 yds$0.00
FH-48258-L050Velcro Loop, 5/8”/Black/Non-Adh., 50 yds$0.00
FH-48310-H005Velcro Hook, 1”/White/Non-Adh., 5 yds$0.00
FH-48310-L050Velcro Loop, 1”/White/Non-Adh., 50 yds$0.00
FH-48334-H005Velcro Hook, 3/4”/White/Non-Adh., 5 yds$0.00
FH-48334-L050Velcro Loop, 3/4”/White/Non-Adh., 50 yds$0.00
FH-48358-H005Velcro Hook, 5/8”/White/Non-Adh., 5 yds$0.00
FH-48358-L050Velcro Loop, 5/8”/White/Non-Adh., 50 yds$0.00

Please Note: Prices are subject to change without notice. For current pricing and availability please submit a Request for Quote.
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