Wax Pot

Wax Pot

Our round wax melting pot is made with a heavy-duty cast aluminum liner (which is not removable) to ensure even heat distribution. The liner is encased in an all steel jacket that is finished in black wrinkle enamel. The wax pot comes with a lid to protect melted contents from any environmental contamination. An orange colored pilot light indicates when the wax pot is in operation. Although we refer to this as a wax pot, it works equally as well with adhesives and hide glues.

The wax pot is thermostatically controlled and can be fully adjusted from approximately 60 to 300°F (standard temp. model) or 100 to 450°F (high temp. model). Please note that neither temperature range model, standard or high, offers any advantage in overall performance. Both models use the same heating element. The standard temperature range models will meet most of your needs and allows for more accurate control of temperature.

It is available in the standard one gallon unit or in a 2 gallon or 5 gallon model for those larger jobs. Many other sizes, shape and voltage models are available. The 120 volt models are standard for laboratory use. If a 220 volt model is needed, make sure your lab is wired for 220 volts before ordering. Please note that neither voltage model 120 or 220, offers any advantage in overall performance. Both voltage models use the same heating element.

ModelTempInside DimensionsWattsVoltage
SizeRangeWidth x Depth
1 Gal Low60 300 °F8" x 5.5"600120 or 220
1 Gal High100 450 °F8" x 5.5"900120 or 220
2 Gal Low60 300 °F10.5" x 6"2000120 or 220
2 Gal High100 450 °F10.5" x 6"2000120 or 220
5 Gal Low60 300 °F12" x 12"4400220 only
5 Gal High100 450 °F12" x 12" 4400220 only


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
LS-12001-300Wax Pot, 1 Pint - Standard Temp$232.00
LS-12002-300Wax Pot, 2 Pint - Standard Temp$257.00
LS-12004-300Wax Pot, 1/2 Gal - Standard Temp$300.00
LS-12008-300Wax Pot, 1 Gal - Standard Temp$396.00
LS-12021-450Wax Pot, 1 Pint - High Temp$230.00
LS-12022-450Wax Pot, 2 Pint - High Temp$255.00
LS-12024-450Wax Pot, 1/2 Gal - High Temp$299.00
LS-12028-450Wax Pot, 1 Gal - High Temp$394.00

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