Magnification Equipment

Hand Held & Stand Magnifiers

Aspheric Magnifier: The packette magnifer is a 5X high power pocket magnifier with a 1/2" dia. (55mm) aspheric lens that has an equivalent power of 20D.

Illuminating Coddington Magnifier: The Coddington Illuminating Magnifier is a 10x magnifier with a flashlight bulb inserted into the groove of the Coddington lens.

Illuminating Stand Magnifier: This magnifier has a wide range of uses. Both the lens and light are adjustable.

Rectangular Magnifier: The Rectangular Magnifier is an efficiently shaped large area magnifier which provides the viewing area of a 4" round magnifier, yet is lighter and more compact.

Stands and Mounts: WEIGHTED FLOOR STAND is 36" tall and has a 16" diameter, 20 pound weighted round base.