Scratch Brushes

Aluminum Body Scratch Brushes: These abrasive cleaning brushes are all metal construction, adjustable length, refillable cleaning tools.

Large Scratch Brushes: Our new scratch brushes feature a very large abrasive surface.

Pen Style Scratch Brushes: Our pen scratch brush is made of a durable plastic construction with a metal pen tip. The brush length exposure is adjustable by the turning of a knob on the end of the brush holder.

Pencil Style Scratch Brushes: Our pencil shaped scratch brush has an extra thin, 1/16" diameter fiberglass bundle of fibers that can reach into the tightest of spots.

Rope Scratch Brushes: Our rope style fiberglass brush measures 7" in length with a 1/2" diameter. The fine fiberglass bristles are bound with a cotton cord that can be unwound as the bristles wear down.

Wide Body Scratch Brushes: We also offer a metal body rectangular fiberglass brush available in either fine or coarse.