Adhesives & Consolidants

Starch Adhesives

Jin Shofu Wheat Starch: Jin Shofu is manufactured by a Japanese company that has specialized in precipitated wheat starch for several generations.

Pregelatinized Wheat Starch: Pregelatinized Wheat Starch needs no cooking to produce a very strong and smooth paste. It can easily be dissolved in room temperature water in just a minute or two.

Rice Starch Belgian: Rice Starch forms a clear, medium strength adhesive that is lighter and thinner than wheat starch. Rice starch must be cooked to form an adhesive.

Wheat Starch Aytex-P: Our Wheat Starch makes a strong adhesive that is clear with a superior smooth texture. This wheat starch must be cooked to form an adhesive.

Yes Paste: Yes Paste is a starch paste that is made from corn dextrine, corn syrup, water and preservative. It has a 6.5 pH.