Acryloid B-67

Acryloid B-67 is made by Rohm and Haas and is a resin based on a isobutyl methacrylate polymer. It is an alkyd-compatible acrylic ester resin particularly designed to have good compatibility with medium and long oil alkyds. The addition of Acryloid B-67 to alkyds, oils or varnishes produces coatings of improved hardness, faster drying speed, better color and gloss retention and improved hold out and brushing characteristics. Acryloid B-67 is available as a 100% resin in the form of beads, or in solution, supplied as 45% solids in mineral spirits. Acryloid B-67 produces a clear film with an ultimate hardness of 11-12 KHN and a glass transition temperature of 50 (Tg°C).

RECOMMENDED SOLVENTS: Shell Sol 71, Shell Sol 340, Shell M/S 145, Shell Sol 100, Xylene and Toluene.

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Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CM-20020-0008Acryloid B-67 Solid, 8 oz.$0.00
CM-20020-0100Acryloid B-67 Solid, 1 lb.$0.00
CM-20020-0200Acryloid B-67 Solid, 1 kg.$0.00
CM-20020-0500Acryloid B-67 Solid, 5 lbs.$0.00
CM-20025-0016Acryloid B-67 MT Solution, 1 Pint$0.00
CM-20025-0032Acryloid B-67 MT Solution, 1 Quart$0.00
CM-20025-0100Acryloid B-67 MT Solution, 1 Gallon$0.00
CM-20025-0500Acryloid B-67 MT Solution, 5 Gallons$0.00

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