Acryloid (Paraloid) B-72

Acryloid B-72 is made by Rohm and Haas and is a resin based on a ethyl methacrylate copolymer. Acryloid B-72 is by far the most widely used and most versatile of all the acryloid resins. It is suitable as a clear non-yellowing coating used in painting varnishes, consolidating and impregnating mural and oil paintings ground layer, as a fixative for charcoal, chalk and pastel drawings, for consolidation of wood. It is also recommended as an adhesive for glass and ceramics. Acryloid B-72 is available as a 100% resin in the form of beads, or in solution, supplied as 50% solids in toluene or xylene. Acryloid B-72 solution in xylene has a more glossy finish than that of the Acryloid B-72 in toluene. Acryloid B-72 produces a clear film with an ultimate hardness of 10-11 KHN and a glass transition temperature of 40 (Tg

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     MSDS Paraloid B-72 100%     MSDS Paraloid B-72 50% Toluene     Tech Sheet Paraloid B-72 100%    

Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CM-27200-0010Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 100%, 1 lb.$13.98
CM-27200-0020Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 100%, 1 kg.$25.42
CM-27200-0050Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 100%, 5 lbs.$52.77
CM-27200-0100Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 100%, 10 lbs.$92.47
CM-27200-0250Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 100%, 25 lbs.$221.22
CM-27200-0500Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 100%, 50 lbs$424.94
CM-27200-1000Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 100%, 100 lbs$820.12
CM-27310-0032Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 10% Acetone Solution, 1 Quart$26.49
CM-27310-0100Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 10% Acetone Solution, 1 Gallon$86.98
CM-27310-0500Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 10% Acetone Solution, 5 Gallons$334.75
CM-27330-0032Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 30% Acetone Solution, 1 Quart$26.49
CM-27330-0100Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 30% Acetone Solution, 1 Gallon$86.98
CM-27330-0500Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 30% Acetone Solution, 5 Gallon$334.75
CM-27350-0032Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 50% Acetone Solution, 1 Quart$26.49
CM-27350-0100Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 50% Acetone Solution, 1 Gallon$86.98
CM-27350-0500Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 50% Acetone Solution, 5 Gallon$334.75
CM-27410-0032Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 10% Toluene Solution, 1 Quart$26.49
CM-27410-0100Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 10% Toluene Solution, 1 Gallon$86.98
CM-27410-0500Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 10% Toluene Solution, 5 Gallons$334.75
CM-27430-0032Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 30% Toluene Solution, 1 Quart$26.49
CM-27430-0100Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 30% Toluene Solution, 1 Gallon$86.98
CM-27430-0500Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 30% Toluene Solution, 5 Gallons$334.75
CM-27450-0032Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 50% Toluene Solution, 1 Quart$26.49
CM-27450-0100Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 50% Toluene Solution, 1 Gallon$86.98
CM-27450-0500Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 50% Toluene Solution, 5 Gallons$334.75
CM-27510-0032Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 10% Xylene Solution, 1 Quart$26.49
CM-27510-0100Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 10% Xylene Solution, 1 Gallon$86.98
CM-27510-0500Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 10% Xylene Solution, 5 Gallons$334.75
CM-27530-0032Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 30% Xylene Solution, 1 Quart$26.49
CM-27530-0100Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 30% Xylene Solution, 1 Gallon$86.98
CM-27530-0500Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 30% Xylene Solution, 5 Gallons$334.75
CM-27550-0032Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 50% Xylene Solution, 1 Quart$26.49
CM-27550-0100Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 50% Xylene Solution, 1 Gallon$86.98
CM-27550-0500Acryloid/Paraloid B-72, 50% Xylene Solution, 5 Gallons$334.75

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