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Attapulgite Clay

The problems in cleaning stone and other porous surfaces are numerous notwithstanding the very nature of the stone specie and the type and extent of its damage. The general nature and source of dirt on the stone must be determined in order to remove it in the most effective, yet least harmful, manner. Types of ”dirt” include soot, smoke, leached salts, rust and organic stains, products of chemical attack from air pollution, micro-organisms and various applied coatings of paint, wax, etc. Stubborn dirt can be treated in a variety of ways including chemical cleaners and abrasives. Each method has its advantages and drawbacks. The safest of all stone cleaning methods is poulticing.

All stone cleaning procedures generally attempt to maximize cleaning power while minimizing chemical and physical attack that can result in further stone degradation. The use of inert natural clay poultices, or mud packs, is recognized as one of the safest methods for removing dirt deposits without affecting the stone’s integrity or surface detail. Poultices act to draw out hidden dirt, salts and microbes and is the least harmful of all techniques.

Attapulgite is a colloidal lath-shaped mineral that is chemically described as hydrated magnesium aluminum silicate. It has a chain like crystal structure with an extremely fine particle size of 8 micrometers in diameter. Our attapulgite clay is unsurpassed as an absorbing medium with an oil absorption rating of 115 and has an exceptionally low iron content. It has a pH value of 8.5 and is light cream in color.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CL-10005-0100Attapulgite Clay, 1 lb.$7.20
CL-10005-0200Attapulgite Clay, 1 kg.$13.78
CL-10005-0500Attapulgite Clay, 5 lbs.$24.70
CL-10005-1000Attapulgite Clay, 10 lbs.$38.45
CL-10005-2500Attapulgite Clay, 25 lbs.$85.00
CL-10005-5000Attapulgite Clay, 50 lbs$149.75

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